Round Table Discussions – Facilitator Feedback

At the end of Session 2 the groups are feeding back key points that were covered in the discussion groups:

Health and Wellbeing

There was a focus on local – collaboratively working to make things happen, Focus on spaces in communities – green space. Being connected and have space to be connected in improves engagement and so improves health

Young People and Children

This group talked about what was available in the district and identified there are gaps in provision. There are budget cuts coming along so how to we work together to fill the gaps – working with voluntary groups and businesses

There’s need to improve communication to share what’s going on  – is digital the answer?

Planning and funding cycles – are they too short to make a difference or do we need to think outside of the box?

Could voluntary groups strengthen links in local school and use their facilities.

We need in ensure young people have  say in how services are being delivered – could we set up a youth forum . council?

Cooperative District

Everyone agreed a cooperative district would be desirable  – not just council but groups, business etc.  –  but there is some hard work to be done to make it happen.
There are very good reasons why we are not currently a cooperative council but we could work to find a balance.

Community Safety

Focused on perceptions of safety. Crime and ASB decreasing and perception is it’s rising

Does this mean there is a  gap in communication – is there a lack of confidence that anything will be done so incidents are going unreported or figures need better communicated?

There needs for be more community engagement – getting people out of isolation and engaged locally – We can work at grassroots level , maybe change structure to meetings to make them more accessible to more people.


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