Thematic Roundtable Discussusion – Session 1

In the first part of the day attendees took part in roundtable discussions along the themes of:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Being a co-operative district
  • Young People and Children
  • Community Safety
  • Lets talk about something else – a space to discuss anything not covered in the above.

The conversation revolved around modeling services and attendees thoughts on the above for the Selly Oak district.

Lots of comments were made about communication and collaborative learning and working.

Around young people and children it was noted that deprivation affect peoples access to services and some things are subsidised to make them accessible.

On safety issues It was thought that people’s perceptions of crime is their reality – and there needs to be a shift to acknowledge and work on this .

The cooperative district table discussed independent Councillors and the need for community networks/engagement.

And Health and wellbeing discussed green spaces, ease of access to networks and services and communication.

A real time overview was tweeted on the #SOconv tag and the whole twitter conversation will be archived at the end of the day.


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